A high staff-to-child ratio allows care givers the time to develop a close relationship with each child to ensure they are happy and thriving.  As qualified early childhood educators, our staff  are trained to create a stimulating and nurturing environment where children learn and develop to their full potential.  Our programs have been created to inspire your child to explore, create, interact and stay active throughout the year.  We ensure to plan activities for both fun and exploration.  Additionally, for older children we focus activities to develop leadership, team building and social skills.  This ensures that children will have all the tools necessary to thrive in any and all environments.

Each room offers a variety of opportunities for children to explore their world through play.  All areas of development; Social, Emotional, Physical, Cognitive, and Intellectual are met through both structured and unstructured play.  Children’s days are filled with music, dance, story time, science, math, dramatic play, socialization, and physical literacy.

At our center we provide lunch in addition to a nutritional morning and afternoon snack, to ensure all children are ready for the day ahead.


Infant (0 – 19 months)

Toddler (19 – 36 months)

Pre-School and Kindergarten (3  – 6 years)

Out of School (6 – 12 years)



*Room placement is subject to child’s maturity.